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VIPs on sustainability...

The fast fashion industry promotes constant avalanches of microtrends that last only a couple of weeks before being trumped by the next trend. But where do all these clothes go when they become soooo last week...? 

3 out of 5 of these garments end up in the landfill within a year of being purchased. Less than 1% are recycled, reused or repurposed. To make matters worse, most of them are made of textiles that shed thousands and thousands of microplastics into our natural world and take hundreds of years to decompose.

Sustainability is at the heart of VIPs Fund. WE ARE NOT FAST FASHION. 

The fibers used in VIPs Fund garments meet a high standard of sustainability. This means our materials are sourced from a couple places; including second-hand stores and donations of unused yarn or blankets/sweaters/etc that we unravel for their fibers. If we purchase any materials non-recycled or thrifted, we make sure to fully vet the companies the we purchase from to make sure their fibers are 100% plastic free and minimally costly on the earth to produce. For example, there are brands finding innovative ways to make yarn out of cruelty-free and plastic-free wool, bamboo, hemp, even bananas, and these natural fibers are all biodegradable should you chose to throw away your garment one day. We hope that through our rigorous sustainable material sourcing, we divert significant amounts of waste from landfills and keep plastic out of the Earth's natural landscapes. 

Not only are VIPs products sustainably made, but all sales are donated to wildlife conservation initiatives. Did you know the fast fashion industry is expected to take up 35% more land (that's 115 MILLION hectares) by 2030? On a planet where we are running out of space at an alarming rate, this expansion will spell disaster for wildlife habitats. Destruction of endangered habitats, just to make way for more cheap blouses we'll throw out in a couple of months, doesn't seem very worth it in the long run, does it?


By donating to endangered species through purchasing VIPs Fund garments, you can directly contribute to building a better world for both humans, wild animals, and healthy ecosystems. Not only are you choosing to pull your support from unsustainable industries, but you are also actively supporting efforts that will reverse the harm done by them. Oh, and you get some really cool art pieces to wear of course :) 


Learn more and find a full list of conservation programs your donations are put towards on the About Us page! 

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