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Our Mission

We aim to create a world where humans and wildlife thrive alongside one another, where fashion never sacrifices the environment in its creation, and where biodiversity is preserved through the empowerment of local communities, sophisticated research, and effective resource management.

What We Do:

Through handmade, unique, and sustainably made products, we help you look fresh and clean while keeping the Earth looking the same way. With each purchase, all profits are put towards our own small-scale, community-focused conservation projects to protect endangered species. As a customer or volunteer, you are actively showing your love for our furry friends and your commitment to keeping them safe. Thank you!

Who is Vip?

Vip was a Very Important Primate (get it?) who resided at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington until his death in 2020. An attentive father to seven gorgeous gorilla daughters, Vip is a representative of the resilient endangered animals all around the world, who continue to show us nothing but love in the midst of the peril they face.

image via Woodland Park Zoo

Image via Woodland Park Zoo


Do you know how to crochet, knit, sew, etc, and want to help out the Fund? Do you have some other skill that could help grow the brand? We are always looking for volunteers and would love to showcase your talents! Email to join the effort!

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