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A letter to those who choose to hope:


Hello! I'm Daphne. You can call me Daph. I firmly believe that art is the beating heart of this nonprofit cooperative. We would not have the privilege to create the conservation projects we do were it not for the artists whose generosity of time, energy, and talent upon which we base them. I am now often relegated to administrative and conservation work for VIP's Fund (and I hope to make this my career upon graduating college) but I always take some time each day to create art that contributes to the essence of our mission.

Art is inherently environmental, anticapitalist, and anticolonial because just by taking the time to create, we push back against an oppressive and unsustainable linear system of unchecked consumption. We push toward a return to nature. Art is not economically efficient.


Art itself is a form of protest.

This is why we so appreciate our volunteer artists. We know it takes a lot of gusto to donate your unique creations. Hell, I do it myself!


My crochet is freestyled and I use only regenerative and/or second-hand yarn, materials to which I implore all of our artists to commit. These are my pieces. 


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